Why We Love Ombre'

Posted on 22 April 2017

Majestii Clothing traveled to Orange Beach, AL for a photo shoot with Kalei Lozano. The gorgeous white, sandy beaches made a perfect backdrop as she tried on the ombre' blue dress. At first glance, she observed the color graduation of the deep, rich blue to a lighter blue over the textured white dress. As the assistant helped her change, her face lit up and she remarked, "I love this dress!" 

The ombre' dress features spaghetti straps on the shoulders that simultaneously offer a level of comfort and style. As Kalei walked forward in the sand, laughing and playfully posing for the camera, you can certainly capture and feel the sex appeal of this dress with each flash taken, with each pose given.

Why do we love Ombre'? Because we love perfection.

This dress will flatter anyone's shape, as it it lined, loose and stunningly bright-perfect for spring and summer weather. You can wear it casually or glam it up for a night out. 

We were thrilled and honored when Kasey Goedecker, the writer and founder of Running in Heels Fashion blog described this dress as, "light, airy, and the color that has been flooding my closet this season, blue!" She continued, "This blue ombre dress reminds me of the ocean," and we have to agree. For any blue lovers out there, this is the perfect dress to add to your closet this season. 

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